March 31, 2017

In House Tooling

Special Metal Stamping offers in house tooling, We also have die design capabilities that allow us to build your mold from scratch or modify one of our current molds to meet your needs. In addition, we provide quick turn around services. Plus, our cost-effective in-house tooling services help our clients save money.

In House Tooling

Tooling is loosely defined as the act of cutting metal in order to form specific shapes. However, it also refers to any detailing on those metal parts as well. Either way, we can meet your needs. Our experts have experience with many different types of metal, from standards like aluminum to specialty alloys like Inconel. No matter which parts you need tooled, we can handle it.


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Why Special Metal Stamping?

  • We offer a wide range of services
  • Also, our highly skilled expert team can meet your stamping needs
  • We design our products to meet high standards
  • Plus, all our operations are accurate and reliable
  • We have over 80 years of metal stamping expertise
  • In addition, we are an ISO 9001 Certified company
  • We design and make our products in the U.S.A.
  • We use traceable and certified materials