Special Metal Stamping: Our Services

Here at Special Metal Stamping, we are capable of many different things. Our specialized team of employees has a combined 80-plus years of experience in creating metal parts, powder coatings, and other customized metal services. It’s no wonder that we were named to Case Western University’s Weatherhead 100 List in 2017. Read on to see a sampling of our services and what we can do for you.

Special Metal Stamping: Our Services

Custom Metal Stamping

The number one thing that we offer here at Special Metal Stamping is customized metal stamped products for our clients. Whether you need a custom part made from galvanized steel, brass, aluminum, Hastelloy or more, we have it covered. Some of our clients come to us with the design ready for production, while others simply have a concept. We take your ideas and successfully turn them into reality. Plus, all of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.

Powder Coatings

Our facility not only stamps out the metal parts that you need, but it is also equipped to powder coat them. Powder coating is a specialized process that coats metal in a sturdy layer of a thermostatic polymer. Think of it as being kind of like paint, but not liquid at all. The polymer is applied as a powder, which is then heat-treated to turn it into a very hard, very durable covering. We can powder coat metal parts and pieces of just about any size.

Creating Riveted and Welded Assemblies

Riveted welded assemblies are used for many different things, basically, in auto manufacturing, in boat-building, in construction, and everything in between. Ours are produced according to your specifications and can contain things like Huck bolts, bushing installations, and even torque settings. No matter what you need these assemblies for, we can make them happen.

Cap Nut Manufacturing

Our cap nuts come in three different designs and a range of sizes, making it very likely that you’ll find the one that you need. They are made with either a stainless steel insert or a tempered steel spring to provide strength and stability. Thanks to the cap nut, your assembly process will be able to forego using metal washers and cotter pins.

We Service a Wide Array of Industries

Some of our metal stamping clients include businesses in the aerospace, marine, construction, automotive, and electronics industries. Our in-house design team, manufacturers, and other employees are dedicated to helping our clients successfully through every step of the process of our services. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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