The Advantages of Running A Small Shop

We’re proud of the fact that Special Metal Stamping is a small shop. This gives us a large advantage over our competitors. We’re able to keep a better eye on every part that we manufacture and pay attention to all of those small details. Here’s more information on what we have to offer our clients. 

Attention To Detail and Flexible Offerings

Because our employees only work on several projects at a time (not hundreds), they’re able to pay more attention to those tiny details. On top of this, each of our employees is dedicated and well-trained, meaning that the best of the best are the ones working on your machined parts and other products. We also pride ourselves on our flexibility. We can make changes to parts when needed, in order to make them work better. This is something that’s difficult for larger companies that break up their manufacturing tasks amongst several different shop locations.

Design To Production

Another benefit of our small shop capabilities is the fact that we do everything from design to production in the same place. There’s less of a chance of something getting lost in translation this way. Larger companies have everything so spread out that the designers may never get actually to speak to the people working on the shop floor. When everything is done by email and computer renderings, some of those small details get overlooked. The results are parts that kind of meet the client’s specifications but could be much better. This doesn’t happen at Special Metal Stamping. All of our employees are in the same place, making communications flow easier. Every small detail can be gone over in person throughout the process. Our designers know our manufacturing employees, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page.

ISO 9000

On top of this, Special Metal Stamping is an ISO 9000 shop. What does this mean? ISO stands for International Standards for Organization. It means that we follow a specific quality management system. Every employee needs to adhere to the mandates of this system. Some of the focus is on having a strong focus on our customers, as well as having the ability to improve constantly. Since our company is small, we’re able to ensure that these improvements happen when necessary. Our entire goal is to make our customers happy by producing the best possible parts. We certainly do our best to make this happen.