What Do We Mean When We Say That Special Metal Stamping Offers Light Assembly Services

With a name like Special Metal Stamping, it’s easy to think that this is all that we have to offer. While we do handle a number of stamping and metal working processes, we also do light assembly. What does this mean? Light assembly is best defined as a series of manufacturing processes that all take place in one structure or building. It differs from more complicated manufacturing, where various tasks happen in sets and in many different places. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of our light assembly services.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process in which metal is coated with a powdered thermoplastic pigment and then heated to turn that pigment into a hard, colored surface. Powder coating is known for being very resilient. For the most part, it’s scratch proof and not vulnerable to extreme conditions. Regular paint fades in the sun over time, but not powder coating.

PEM Installation

PEM is a type of fastener that locks into place. There are three steps required for inserting them. First, the main part of the fastener is inserted into an existing hole in a piece of metal. Next, force is applied to push the head of the fastener down to the metal surface. It will sit flush against the surface. After that, the remaining part of the fastener is inserted from the opposite side. The results are a very secure connection that stands up to a lot of force.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding is exactly what it sounds like. This type of welding (which is when two pieces of metal are combined with each other using molten metal threading or similar material) is done by small robots. These robots consist of an arm that is designed to hold the metal in place while the heat is applied to them. Although humans are fully capable of welding, the process done by robots is much more precise and tends to be faster. Plus, robots can handle higher temperatures than humans.


A rivet is a metal fastener that holds two things – usually metal – permanently in place. They are often used in parts assembly for a number of industries. There are several different types of rivets, including round head, semi-tubular, and blind. The riveting process usually consists of a rivet gun or some other specialized tool that “shoots” the rivet safely into place. 

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