Why Special Metal Stamping Is an Entrepreneurship Organization?

Special Metal Stamping follows the EOS – Entrepreneurial Operating System – in order to succeed. This model puts all of our leaders on the same page. This makes us stronger as a whole since everyone is in alignment with and working towards the same goals.

What Is EOS?

EOS is an organization designed to help companies improve. They have a six-point model that contains the key components that every company needs to utilize. These include vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction. The first of these components – vision – is very important. It sets the tone for everything that comes afterward. Every business needs a vision to work towards. It also needs to have the right people in place to implement each step leading to that vision.

The third key component of EOS is data. This is exactly what it sounds like – the numbers that show your company’s strengths and weaknesses. You can tell what needs to be improved by those numbers. Once those three initial keys are in place, your company has the right information in place to tackle the next three, starting with issues.

Every company has its issues. However, their strengths lie in dealing with them. Thanks to EOS, those issues can be overcome once they’ve been identified. After this is a process. This step, or key component, requires you to go through your company’s processes and document the way that everything is run. Finally, there’s traction. EOS defines traction as discipline and accountability. Without them, the vision will never be met.

How Does EOS Work?

EOS produces a set of tools that companies can follow. This includes an organizational check-up test that all of the company’s leaders need to take. The results will point out places for improvement, as well as the businesses overall strengths. EOS also has what they call a “toolbox.” This includes a number of strategies for setting those six key components in place and dealing with other issues as they pop up. EOS also has a number of videos, books, and other things to help with the process.

What Does This Mean For Special Metal Stamping?

Since Special Metal Stamping follows the EOS model, each and every one of our leaders are on the same page. We have a set vision and a number of goals to meet. EOS really does help us succeed and grow as a company.